Mina Kimes of ESPN on WDFN Tailgate

Adam and Ryan welcomed die heard Seahawks fan Mina Kimes. Kimes is a Senior Writer for ESPN The Magazine, Host of "The Mina Kimes Show w/ Lenny" Podcast and a frequent guest of "Around The Horn" and "Highly Questionable."

To start Kimes' talks about what is the new Seahawks identity as a team (1:20), then what exactly is going on with the former Wolverine Frank Clark and his contract (3:30). How Seattle's O-line went from what Adam calls "Hot Garbage" to one of the league's best (4:50). What are perceptions of the Seahawks that fans of other teams may not know about them (8:15)?, If Pete Carroll could be moving on from the organization (10:58) and if the team will be sellers if the Lions win this Sunday (12:28). How the Lions are forming into who they want to be (13:35). The conversation shifts to the NFL Trade deadline (14:10) and Kimes' scratches her head on what the Giants gave up for Snacks (16:08). Could the Lions have the best rookies on offense and defense (17:26)? Is the league exploiting defense for offense (18:40) and what is Kimes' exact media set up to be the smartest football fan (20:04).


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