Adam and Ryan Get In A Heated Debate: Have You Lost Faith in Stafford?

Adam and Ryan opened up week 10 of WDFN Tailgate with a simple question: Have you lost faith in Matthew Stafford? 

The simple question was a sore spot for both as a heated argument ensued. Adam believes that the Lions will never reach the Super Bowl with Stafford and that it is time to move on from the 10 year veteran and start a new. 

Ryan counters that Stafford is not the issue; the Lions are not a good team and that Stafford has the potential to bring them to a Super Bowl team but cannot cover up the mistakes that the elite quarterbacks do for their teams (Brady, Brees, Rodgers) 

Who do you agree with: Adam or Ryan?


Be sure to catch Adam and Ryan  next Sunday for week 11 of WDFN Tailgate from 10am - 11am on 1130 WDFN The Fan.


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