Introducing the Shep, Shower ‘N’ Shave Show

 DETROIT – Matt Shepard, a preeminent voice and familiar face of sports in Michigan, returns to Detroit radio on Monday morning. 

The two-­‐time Emmy winner and two-­‐time MSBA Michigan Sportscaster of the Year will re-­‐launch his unique Shep, Shower ‘N’ Shave show from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday on WDFN (1130 AM) with plans to expand to other markets soon via the Michigan Media Network. A statewide television component is planned as well. 

The show’s format will focus on Michigan sports, including not only the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Spartans and Wolverines, but much more from the Big Ten to small college and prep sports and what Shepard calls the cool stories Michigan sports fans want to talk about. 

“I’m really excited to connect with the really knowledgeable and passionate sports fans in Detroit once again, and look forward to the challenge of growing the show to many more markets across Michigan,” Shepard said. “I’ve had a radio show for 13 years, so this isn’t new, but it is a new challenge I can’t wait to take on.” 

Shepard’s multi-­‐media product promises to be expansive, inclusive, entertaining, informative and face-­‐to-­‐face with insiders, coaches and athletes sharing their perspectives.  

“It will have my kind of talk show format,” he said. “While some shows focus on politics, or entertainment or the mayoral race in Detroit, I like talking sports.  I know Michigan sports and this show will be the perfect place for listeners to have that discussion. I want to interact with the fans and let them express their feelings, fair, unfair, right or wrong. I will have the coaches and players on my show as I always have to give listeners all sides to the stories.” 

In the coming weeks the show will move in to what will become its broadcast home inside the OnStar Studios in the Renaissance Center. It is a state of the art digital audio recording and editing facility and the perfect location for coach and athlete access – just a few long Matt Stafford bombs or Miggy homers away from where Michigan’s pros play. 

Shepard loves being the busiest voice in Michigan and having his hand on the pulse of the action. He has worked in the state for 23 years, including being the play-­‐by-­‐play voice of University of Michigan basketball for 15 years and Eastern Michigan University football for 18 seasons. 

Fox Sports Detroit has called on him in coverage of the Pistons, Red Wings, CCHA hockey and the 

Michigan High School Athletic Association’s state football championships. FOX has featured him on NFL Europe and Arena Football. The Big Ten Network has included him for college hockey, football and baseball, and his resume includes extensive reporter work on features and game-­‐day coverage for FSD’s Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings coverage. 

“I’ve built my career on relationships with the sports fans as well as the coaches, players, writers, broadcasters, personalities and people who make Michigan sports what it is,” Shepard said. “Join us on Monday and every morning. Let’s talk sports.” 


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