Sheps' Take: Hurting The Team With Stubborness

What are the Tigers doing?

Seriously, what are they thinking with Anibal Sanchez.

Sanchez made his seventh appearance of the year Wednesday night and was asked to keep the game close.  The Tigers were down 4-0 and were hoping their high-priced right hander to keep it there.

Instead, in the sixth inning, Sanchez promptly allowed a single and a homer. He would later throw a wild pitch and commit an error. In all, he would allow four runs in four innings.

Sanchez is not the only issue with this bullpen, pitching staff or team, but manager Brad Ausmus has to be asking himself, “Do I trust him?” or “In what situation can I pitch Anibal Sanchez?”

Ausmus wouldn’t commit to him Tuesday night when up by double digits, but he brought him in to a four run game the following night?

Seems odd.

Ausmus actually tried to convince us last night that Sanchez “wasn’t all that bad.”

What is he watching?

Sanchez does not belong on this roster.

The Tigers have seen it for the past 2.5 years now and it’s only getting worse.

Over that time, we’ve seen Sanchez pitch 315 innings (including this year) and he’s allowed 65 home runs.  That’s more than the previous five years COMBINED!

His strikeouts are down, walks are up and era and WHIP are through the roof.

I understand he makes 16.8-million dollars and if the Tigers cut him they’d be on the hook for that and an additional five million dollar buyout for next year, but Sanchez is getting paid no matter what, so what’s the big deal if he’s cut.

Look, you’re already paying him so how does it hurt this team to release him?

Do the Tigers think another team will claim him and thus Sanchez could come back to haunt them?

Come on.

The Tigers are basically paying Anibal Sanchez to hurt the Detroit Tigers.

Seriously, he’s the last pitcher, of the 13 on the roster, you trust; he’s the last PLAYER, of the 25 on the roster, you trust (well maybe Dixon Machado).

Read his body language if you must, but in the end the proof is in the numbers and Sanchez is just not good enough to contribute to a winning staff or a winning team.

The Tigers need to do something they should have done last year.

Cut him.

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