Shep's Take: Giving Up-a Sports Sin

I’ve been complaining about the Pistons losing streak that has now reached four, saying “They shouldn’t lose to teams like the Knicks or the Bulls, or the Magic.”

Then I think about it for a moment…..why?

Why do I believe this Pistons team is any better than any other team in the league?

Why do I think they “should” beat anyone?

I’ve seen this team all year and I’ve consistently complained about its lack of leadership and its void of shooters, so what examples do I have that they possess enough talent and grit to be favored over any team.

This team has lost to Philadelphia at home.  Twice this year the Pistons have lost to Brooklyn, the Knicks and Orlando.  It has also been swept by Sacramento.

How do you think fan bases in other NBA markets feel when they see the Pistons on the calendar? Do you think they’re shaking in their boots when they see the Pistons on their schedule?


I want you to read this quote from Andre Drummond, the team’s highest paid player, following the loss in New York Monday night, “I think we’ve let up a little bit on the fighting aspect of the game.”

Like you, I shake my head at that statement.

In other words, this team isn’t competing…AND they recognize it.

You and I have witnessed it for months and now the team’s so-called leader is admitting it.

Stan Van Gundy put this roster together.  As team President, he has brought in every player, but two: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Andre Drummond and the latter he chose to re-sign to a max contract.

It’s a flawed team in so many ways, but it is especially void of leadership.

What other team’s highest paid player recognizes the lack of fight in his team for the past two weeks and admits it.

What is he doing about it? Has he lost his passion? What is he doing to drive the competitive fire?

You could ask those questions to Drummond, Van Gundy and every player on this team.

I read an insightful tweet recently that stated, “If the CULTURE you have isn't the culture you want you can: - deny it - abandon it - blame others for it - OWN IT AND FIX IT.”

With eight games remaining, it might be too late for that now.

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