Shep's Take: Trusting The Process

Championships are won in the off season….in every sport. 

Players have to do their jobs by working out and the front office has to do its job by evaluating and acquiring talent.

Lions General Manager Bob Quinn has created a belief in this town unlike any other front office member with the Lions we’ve ever seen.

Quinn delivered on an impressive draft last year, getting 7 draft picks to play significant roles in last year’s playoff season.  Two other draft picks-Jake Rudock and Joe Dahl-figure to be consistent backups this coming season and moving forward.

As impressive as that haul was, this off-seasons acquisitions are even more note-worthy. 

Quinn quickly recognized the Lions issues and targeted his main solutions.

There needed to be an upgrade up front and Quinn signed right tackle Rick Wagner. 

He needed a stronger guard and overwhelmed pro bowler TJ Lang. 

And don’t overlook the singing of blocking tight end Darren Fells.

Quinn also grabbed two defensive linemen-I really like the Akeem Spence acquisition-and a linebacker for depth.

He now needs to duplicate the 2016 draft, getting an impact pass rusher, at least a couple of linebackers who won’t leave the field and a down field wide receiving threat.

That is asking a lot and it won’t be easy, but it’s what this team desperately lacks.

Interestingly, one of Quinn's first decisions was to retain Head Coach Jim Caldwell.

That was met with frustration and anger with Lions fans suggesting Quinn was a "puppet," yet it turns out one of the primary reasons for free agents coming here was because of Caldwell (and money of course).

We have a ways to go for training camp.  Heck we still have over a month before the draft, but something is developing between the Lions front office and its fan base-trust-and that feels as good as the recent free agent signings.

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