Shep's Take: Inspiring Play

You've heard enough about the Michigan basketball plane crash of last week.

Hopefully you know the REAL story by now and it's altered your original belief that was swayed by opinionated idiots who would wine and cry about a car accident at 35 mph, yet poke fun at a crash involving an aircraft that weighs about 50-thousand pounds and was traveling over 200 mph.

No question the experience gave those involved a better appreciation for things in life.

It also, no doubt, allowed this Michigan basketball team to play looser and more freely.  

It's fair to call it a bonding moment.

They turned that adversity into continued momentum while capturing the program's second ever Big Ten Tournament title Sunday. 

Head Coach John Beilein was emotional after the opening game which his team won by 20 to advance.  

He wasn't choked up because he extended UM's winning streak in the opening game of the tournament, nor was he teary-eyed because he just broke Johnny Orr's record for most wins by a coach in program history.

Beilein's voice quivered because of his relationship with his team, whom he refers to as his kids.

He held back tears because he is sincere when he takes someone else's son on a scholarship and promises the parent(s) that he will help mold them into good young men and keep them safe.

He takes that trust from the parents very seriously.

He was afraid he might lose one of them Wednesday.

He was afraid he might lose some of the wives and young kids who were on that flight, excited for the tourney yes, but also energized by the chance to walk around the nation's capitol and get a first-hand history lesson.

Basketball became secondary last week and that can be therapeutic for some once in a while.

Michigan has advanced to the NCAA Tournament as a seven seed and as a conference champion.

How long they last in the NCAA's is uncertain, but considering where this team was in the middle of January(2-4 in conference play) it might feel like it's already won.

To a certain extent, this team has cheated death, proved doubters wrong, and stunned Washington D.C. becoming the first eight seed to win the post season tournament.

I wouldn't pick against them. 

Too many already have and lost.

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