Shep's Take: Bad for the League

The NBA remains incredibly popular and profitable for all those involved, but that doesn't mean the league and it's players/owners don't create some ill will now and again.

Cleveland's J.R. Smith nearly came to blows with members of the Heat this past weekend and Smith wasn't even dressed for the game.

The big trade for DeMarcus Cousins hasn't yet paid off the New Orleans.  The Pelicans have yet to win with him in the lineup.

And Commissioner Adam Silver admits the All-Star game needs fixing because of the joke it's become.

Golden State's Draymond Green has made some perplexing statements recently too.

Earlier this year he understood why some players felt the Earth was flat and now he's incensed the Knicks "DISRESPECTED" him, his team, the game and the league because they failed to play music WHILE the game was being played in the first half Sunday at Madison Square Garden.



Since when did it become "old school" and disrespectful to let the game and its athletes be the focus of a fans attention?

Green needs music to be blaring over the loud speakers so he can keep a rhythm?

He literally said, "the game was bad, sloppy because there was no rhythm to the game." He blamed it on NO music being played.


I don't care if it sounds if this sounds like an ancient perspective, but I can't recall Dr. J. or Alex English or George Gervin or Magic Johnson or Larry Bird needing pumped-in music DURING the game to give them a rhythm.  

How does your vibe for the game intensify by hearing artists like Drake or Usher or whomever while you're playing the game?

When I used to go to games at the Pontiac Silverdome Isiah Thomas wasn't making requests of music to play while he was, ya know, playing the game of basketball.

Then we have Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

What a beauty.

He's let his personal feeling for Russell Westbrook get in the way of his logic.

Cuban says in order for a player to be mentioned in HIS MVP discussion, that player must lead his team to 50-wins and/or a playoff series win.

Westbrook is averaging a triple double.

His team is seven games over five hundred; in the thick of the playoff race and the Thunder would be lottery bound if it weren't for Westbrook.

He leads the league in scoring; he's third in assists and he's 12th in the league in rebounding. His 30 triple doubles are twice as many as the next guy and his 47 double doubles are second in the league. 

With Cuban's logic, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would not have won the MVP in 1976 because his Lakers won just 40 games. 

Moses Malone would not have won the award in 1979 or 1982 because the Rockets failed to reach 50 wins and lost in the opening round of the playoffs.

Bob McAdoo was MVP in 1975 with Buffalo, but he won just 49 games so eliminate him.

Forget Lebron James' 2012 MVP season. The Heat won just 46 games that year.

This is the philosophy of an owner in this league and he's disparaging one of the league's biggest stars and best players.

Not sure Mark Cuban knows this but Westbrook has actually won playoff series...multiple series in fact.

The NBA could be so much better, but some of its owners and players need to stay out of the way or just stop talking because its hurting the league and it sure isn't doing themselves any favors.

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