Back To Real Basketball

On Thursday, the post NBA All-Star break schedule begins. 

We will finally be able to get back to concentrating on the game itself and the playoff push for many teams, including the Pistons. 

We can put that scam and embarrassment of an NBA All-Star weekend behind us.

The national media will continue to do its best to shove that grotesque hype-machine down our throats, but hopefully you weren't fooled by the glorified Harlem Globetrotters exhibit put on display in New Orleans this past weekend.

The dunks have become too gimmicky with a "been there, done that, seen that" theme and the game itself is a farce.  

There were 280 field goals attempted and eight free throws combined. There were two steals and no charges taken. 


NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, needs to step in like NFL boss Roger Goodell and Bud Selig before him to stop the laughingstock product.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the ASG winner should give home court advantage in the finals, but there has to be a way to spruce up the game.

Maybe the NBA can steal a page from the NHL and create a three-on-three; division-versus-division tournament to make it more appealing to true fans, other than the corporate suits and celebrities who were in New Orleans just to be "seen."

I'm just glad we can table it for a while so we can focus on the games that feature a little more defense, shot-blocking and charges taken.  

What a concept.

The Pistons will host Charlotte in the first of a three game home stand Thursday.

It's good to get real basketball back.

It will help flush the fake game, better known as the All-Star game, out of my memory.

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