Soft Sports Mindset

Can we please stop trying to make everything perfect in sports.

Maybe we can’t because of our soft society where apparently everything has to be “equal” in sports now.

I am so tired of people complaining about the Falcons not getting the chance to score in overtime; that a coin toss determined Super Bowl 51.

It didn’t.

Atlanta could have stopped the Patriots in the extra frame, but didn’t.

The Falcons forced four punts during the game.  Force a fifth and maybe they win.

The Falcons forced two turnovers during the game.  Force a third and maybe they win.

The Falcons returned an interception for six during the game.  Force a second and they win.

If the Falcons defense didn’t commit a pass-interference penalty, maybe they hold New England to a field goal and then they do get a chance to “have the ball” like so many are whining for.

Here’s an idea, don’t take a sack and a holding penalty late in the fourth quarter that took you out of field goal range and maybe Atlanta is celebrating its first ever Super Bowl championship.

Here’s a novel thought, hold on to the 25-point lead and they win.

In other words, make a play!

There were two NFL games this year that ended in ties.  That means there were some defensive stops.

The Falcons had a chance to do the same, but failed.

Our society of giving kids a trophy for just participating is sympathetic to the Falcons in-game plight, so “give” them that chance. Don’t make ‘em earn that chance, give it to them. That is who we’ve become.

Now baseball is doing the same.

MLB is experimenting with extra innings by putting a runner on second to start the inning.

Chief Baseball Officer, Joe Torre says, “It’s not fun going through your pitching staff and brining in a utility player to pitch…an 18-inning game takes time.”


What a joke.

Baseball used to pride itself on being the only game played “without a clock.”

Now, they want to speed things up for people who lack the attention span to follow the sport.

Hey baseball: if you want to save bullpen arms then expand the roster.

If you want to expedite play, then implement the RULES of the game like forcing pitchers to make a pitch within 12-seconds if there are no runners on base (Rule: 8.04).

The whining and crying is obnoxious and old.

Of course, we’re seeing that play out every day I guess and that has trickled into sports as well with Lebron James and Steph Curry and the almighty Greg Popovich, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

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