PODCAST: 3-26-20 SHOW (All-Time Tigers Starting Lineup & Avs-Wings Brawl)

Big Drew and Jim continue to dive into a multitude of topics to try and help you get through the coronavirus pandemic that includes a Mel Tucker Twitter Q&A, all-time Tigers, hating MLB Opening Day, the “March Sadness” Final Four, when to draft a running back, and reliving the Avalanche-Red Wings brawl in 1997:

- Mel Tucker does a Twitter Q&A yesterday on a bevy of topics.

- What’s your all-time Tigers starting lineup?

- Big Drew is not a fan of MLB Opening Day. Also, what would today’s Tigers starting lineup look like if the season started on-time today?

- The “March Sadness” Final Four is here! Who is your favorite to win our FICTIONAL TOURNAMENT?

- How high would you draft a running back?

- The Avalanche-Red Wings brawl in 1997 is revisited based on the anniversary hitting 23 years ago today!

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