What Kind of Team Are the Tigers?

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We are just a little over a month into the baseball season, and after this weekend’s series loss to the A’s, I think it’s time to assess the Tigers and see where they can go from here. At 15-15, they have been consistently inconsistent. After starting the season 7-4, they’ve since gone 7-11, and losing four of their last six series, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a fun summer for the Tigers.

But the question is, where is the major problem with the team? Well the answer to that question depends on what day it is. This last weekend against the A’s, Detroit averaged six runs and nine hits over the three game series and had the lead going into the ninth inning in each of those games, but Francisco Rodriguez blew two saves in a row, and the Tigers may be looking for a new closer. But before last week, they could barely eek out three runs a game, and when they did, the starting pitching wouldn’t be able to get batters out. 

Where do the Tigers go from here? J.D. Martinez is starting his rehab stint this week, so there might be help coming on the offensive side, to give a more balanced attack in the lineup, but what about the closer position? Do the Tigers give up prospects, and deplete the farm system to grab a more consistent closer? The decision will have to be made soon on what to do, because while the Tigers are only two games back in the AL Central, in a blink of an eye Detroit could be out of playoff discussion, and have to be sellers for another deadline.

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