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The  Michigan Department of Corrections is responsible for protecting the  public by isolating convicted felons sentenced to a minimum prison term  of one year and supervising those offenders sentenced to a term of  probation or placed on parole in the community. 

A  Corrections Officer oversees and participates in the custody, security,  and treatment of prisoners in correctional facilities.  This includes  attempting to modify a prisoners’ behavior and attitude through  one-to-one and group interaction. 

What to expect the FIRST YEAR— 

* Training Academy 

o Weeks 1—8 are spent in Lansing or Kinross for a program designed to provide the required knowledge and skills. 

o Weeks 9—16 are OJT at the facility you are assigned to. 

* A 1-yr probationary period while learning and developing the required interpersonal skills. 

What to expect the SECOND YEAR— 

*  Use of independent judgment in making decisions requiring  interpretation and application of departmental guidelines to situations  involving substantial prisoner contact. 


* The 8 (entry)-level starts at $17.32 per hour with increases at 6-month intervals. 

*  After 1-year, advance to the E9 (experienced)-level with pay increases  at 6-month or 1-year intervals until the maximum pay of $26.53 per hour  (as of 10/01/17). 


* Health, life, dental, vision, and long term disability insurance 

* Deferred compensation plans (457, 401K, and ROTH 401K employee contribution only) 

* Shift differential pay for afternoon and midnight shift 

* Paid holidays, personal leave days, and school participation hours 

* Sick leave (four [4] hours for every 80 hours worked) 

* Annual leave (16 hours upon hire and then accrued biweekly on a graduated scale) 

* Military Leave (some provisions exist for military service credit) 

* Longevity compensation 

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