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For the past several days, the city of Detroit has received a growing number of threats made against schools. Since the Parkland, Florida shooting in February 2018, the Detroit Police Department received 40 threats concerning school shootings, bombing of schools and/or both. Some of the threats made were generated by teens and posted on various social platforms. One of the threats targeted people, inciting significant fear and anxiety.

Today, Detroit Police Chief James Craig, along with several members from the local, state and federal partners including neighboring policing agencies, held a news conference in efforts to stop the threats. “We takes threats very serious and investigate all complaints,” Craig said. “We will find you, no matter how old you are and we will arrest you. We take every threat seriously and we are going to respond.”

As of today, 3 juveniles (14, 14 & 16) were detained and a 17-year old male arrested for their recent involvement in threats made against schools, with two of them being charged. Additional investigations is continuing with the possibility of more arrests and/or detainments. During today’s news conference, parents were strongly encouraged to monitor their children’s social media usage to avoid future consequences.

During the press conference, Chief Craig was joined by several members from the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and neighboring policing departments. Among the attendees were representatives from the United States Attorney General’s Office Eastern District of Michigan, Michigan State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Wayne State University Police Department, Westland Police Department, and Madison Heights Police Department.

Acknowledgements were given to the Detroit Police Department’s Cyber Crime Unit for their significant role in investigating and resolving cyber threats. Additional recognition was given to the Detroit Public Schools Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations, supporting partners and the community.

“We are sending a unified message that we are serious about this concern. If you see something, say something and if you say something, we will respond,” said Chief Craig.


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