Boxers Wladimir Klitschko and Shannon Briggs got into a wild confrontation at a restaurant in Florida the other day.

Klitschko was eating when Briggs came in and started egging him on. He said, quote, "Everywhere you go, I go, champ. What you do, I do, champ." Then he sat down and started eating Klitschko's food, saying, quote, "What you eat, I eat, champ." 

So Klitschko poured a glass of water over Briggs' head, and Briggs jumped up and knocked everything off the table. Then the TABLE went over. But before any fists could fly, people jumped in between them and guided Briggs out the door. Briggs said later that he cut his foot and leg on broken glass and had to go to the hospital, but he didn't need stitches.