As luck would have it, the Pistons didn't have any Tuesday night in the NBA Draft Lottery.

Thanks to the Cavaliers' good fortune, the Pistons failed to secure a top eight pick in the draft, and thus, turns its draft choice over to the Charlotte Hornets to complete the Ben Gordon trade from two years ago. 

There will be no quick fix in Stan Van Gundy's first season as head coach and President of Basketball Operations.

Van Gundy is viewed as an excellent basketball tactician, who has defensive demands for his players. Those principles will be tested with this Pistons squad and they must take root, because it's one of only a few ways this team can improve.

They must wait until #38 to get a young quality player (if there is one left) in the June draft. And because it is rare that such a player can make the needed impact, Van Gundy will be the primary reason this team makes the desired playoff strides.

Other coaches have made such an impact before: Carlisle here in Detroit and Dallas, Tom Thibodeau in Chicago, Mark Jackson in Golden State, Doc Rivers in Los Angles, just to name a few.

Van Gundy must be the difference maker. He has to make Josh Smith a better shooter and post-up player. He's got to make Brandon Jennings a better decision-maker. He needs to work on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's jumper, and he will be in charge of giving Andre Drummond better post moves.

This team doesn't need a top eight pick to drastically improve. It would have been nice, because it needs depth and it needs more good players. They could get one or two in free agency, or they may pull off a deal that would create a buzz.

But more than anything else, this team needs its coach to be everything he is supposed to be: make the players on this team better. Then, maybe losing out to Cleveland and others in the NBA Draft Lottery won't be that big of a deal.