Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall talked this week, after a second straight loss to the Lions, how the Lions are the "little brother" in the series.  

He said "(they) may be a little taller than the big brother, not stronger or better than big brother at anything, but one day just feel fed up and punch my brother in the face."  He added, "little brother is annoying and the Lions need to sit back in their little city and fix their financial problems."  He also went on to say when the two teams meet in the playoffs he would guarantee it's not going to go down like the first two meetings.

Classic.  I guess this is another example of wide receivers being divas.  But this isn't about being self-centered.  It's about stupidity and a sense of accomplishment that isn't justified. 

First let me make one thing clear, Brandon Marshall is a really good player.  He's a four time Pro Bowler, a Pro Bowl MVP and has gone over a thousand yards every year but one in his career.  But Marshall has never won anything.  He's never even helped a team to the post season.  Not in Denver, not in Miami and not in Chicago. 

He guaranteed the Dolphins would make the post season in November of 2010, saying, "Chad Henne is capabale of being an All-Pro."  Miami finished 7-9.  The next season, after an 0-6 start, he guaranteed his club would beat the Giants in Week 7 and lost.  He was so inspirational that he caught four passes for 55 yards.  His words and proclamations mean nothing because he doesn't come through.

As far as the jab at Detroit.  He needs to get creative.  That's so easy and so old.  Fans in Cleveland chanted "Detroit's Bankrupt" this past summer and it bothered the Tigers so much they blew away the Tribe in the series and won a third straight AL Central title.  I'm not suggesting the Lions will play harder and/or better after Marshall's snide little comment, but it sure isn't going to hurt Lions fans' feelings.

What Marshall and anyone else needs to know is that we in this town are resilient.  We've never claimed our city to be more than it is.  We recognize our warts and own up to them.  Does Marshall realize his imperfections?  Arrested twice and called on five times for domestic abuse, assaulting a police officer, retail theft, DUI, his own father allegedly tried to run him over with a car.  Where is his accountability?

Be careful Brandon.  Don't throw rocks when you live in a glass house.  And be careful what you wish for, or in this case predict.  You just might get it (Lions in the playoffs).  Although with your track record, probably not.

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