[PODCAST] Pistons Hire Cheeks 6-11-13
Shep talks about the hiring of Maurice Cheeks as the Detroit Pistons head coach, and asks what the fans think of the move.

The Pistons coaching door has been revolving for years and it's embrassing.  President Joe Dumars has hired his third coach in the last four years, Maurice Cheeks. 

I remember Cheeks as a key to Philadelphia's early 80's success which led to the 1983 world championship with Dr. J, Moses Malone, Andrew Toney, Bobby Jones and the rest of the Sixers. Cheeks cut his coaching teeth under Larry Brown (among others) and then became head coach, handling the challenges of such personalities as Allen Iverson and Chris Webber.  He would coach Portland for four years with such dynamic personas as Rasheed Wallace, Shawn Kemp, Scottie Pippen, Bonzi Wells and Zach Randolph. All the while, Cheeks was able to keep his personality and sanity.

The last four years he's helped nurture the young talent in Oklahoma City, serving as an instructor and as a bending ear for guys like Russell Westbrook.  He's known as a very good teacher and very good communicator.  That's part of the reason I think he's a really good choice for this Pistons team now.  I don't think he'll be on the sidelines when this organization wins its next title, but he will help pave the way toward that goal. 

This team needs a patient teacher, who players respect because of his accomplishments on the floor as a player and coach.  Granted, his overall record isn't Hall of Fame-worthy, but he's led teams to the post season, been on a staff that has reached the Finals and he brings with him the instant credibility as a champion player.

This team doesn't need a first-time head coach to learn the ropes (been there, done that) and it wasn't going to lure a coach like George Karl, who wants to win a title now, or a Phil Jackson, who wants to run a team now.  This team needs a guy who can help these younger players develop, while communicating to them what it takes to be a champion. Maurice Cheeks fits that mold.

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