As the NBA All-Star break looms closer, King James continues his trolling spree. 

Since coming into the league as one of the high flying phenoms, Lebron has pondered the possibility of taking part in the Slam Dunk Contest. And year after year, he's a no-show.

Is he afraid of losing? Scared of the possible disappointment? Who knows.

My guess would be no, but that's not the real issue. 

The Dunk Contest for many years has been a waste of air-time after Vince Carter stole the show in 2000. With the lack of dunking creativity and seldom star power contestants, the Dunk Contest has become a laughing stock. 

With all of his greatness, Lebron doesn't owe the league a cameo in the Dunk Contest. Being a "witness" (no pun intended) to his in-game talents is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for NBA fans. If he doesn't want to participate, he's not entitled to.

But if that's the case, stop teasing and bringing up speculation! 

Year after year Lebron finds a new way to remind us what the Dunk Contest is missing. A supreme athlete complimented with must-see TV attraction. Love or hate Lebron, the world immediately tunes in. 

But in Cleveland-like fashion, Lebron teases and helps speculate the possibilities only to run away. 

How many times have we seen this from Lebron?

2010 All-Star interview with Cheryl Miller ring a bell?

How about last year's infamous tweet followed with highlight reel pre-game dunks right before the All Star break?

Now fast forward a year later, and King James is back at it with a post-practice highlight tape of circus dunks in Phoenix. When will it stop?

Outside of the dunk contest, Lebron's troll game reached an impeccable peak when he took his Decision and "talents to South Beach". The Cleveland Cavaliers still haven't recovered from his departure. 

Coincidently, the NBA could be falling for the same trap again once Lebron's contract is up. It's already a media parade of where the King will end up. Whether it's back to Cleveland or staying in Miami, the trolling doesn't end.

Lebron will go down as one of the best in NBA history and doesn't owe much. He's already one of the most unique talents in sports and puts on a show whenever he's on the tube. But do yourself and the world a favor Lebron, end the constant discussions. Stop trolling. Just be great. 

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