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Eric Vincent

Eric Vincent is an ambitious writer with an unbiased view on life. Detroit sports runs through my veins, but I'm sick-and-tired of not having a Lions' Super Bowl ring to gloat about.

Born on May 21, 1990 in the beautiful state of Michigan. I'm a Specs Howard 2010 graduate and have been in love with radio since. I'm also a Clear Channel promotions assistant. You can enjoy my online work for WDFN as well as an entertaining event with one of our sister stations.

I'm a loyal family man, as well as a dominant force with social networking. You can follow my thoughts and life on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @IAmEricVincent

As a former "Lions Blogger", I'm ready to provide insight on other sports and news around Detroit. Reader beware: you may love or hate me - at the end of the day you will learn something new from Eric Vincent.


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