howell high school highlanders

Help support the students with this fundraiser for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

About the HHS Senior Survivor Fundraiser:

Any Howell High School seniors interested in participating can apply via a video process upon which a select committee of teachers choose 14 "survivors" (7 males and 7 females) to be locked inside the high school on April 23rd at 2pm without car keys or phones.

The student body donates money everyday through the week of April 24-28.  At lunch the survivors wage select amounts of their money and at the end of the day whichever survivor waged the least amount of money are sent home.  The survivors have to go to all of their classes and participate in challenges everyday after school.  At the end of the week there is a huge assembly and the grand total raised is announced and it's huge.

To see a list of team go-fund me pages or for more information about submitting a video or making a donation, please contact