BRIGHTON, Mich. (AP) — Police shut down part of a freeway in southeastern Michigan on Monday as they investigated possible gunfire in the area where there's been a couple of dozen shootings in recent weeks. The freeway has been reopened.

Authorities have not confirmed whether a shooting took place but state police Sgt. Chris Pascoe told The Associated Press that officers are at the scene near the intersection of U.S. 23 and Interstate 96 near Brighton.

No injuries have been reported.

Police say two weekend shootings — including one that injured a motorist — are linked to the spree of at least 24 reports of gunfire near Interstate 96.

Scott Arnold, 46, told the Detroit Free Press that someone fired into his car door as he was driving to the World Series in Detroit on Saturday. He said the bullet just missed one of his arteries and some major nerves. He was released from the hospital Sunday.

"It was pure luck. ... I feel very, very fortunate, and my kids do, too," said Arnold, who lives in Delton, near Kalamazoo. Doctors didn't remove the bullet, which he said struck him in the buttocks.

Authorities have released a sketch of a suspect in all the shootings. Authorities said the gunman appears to be a man in his 30s. Police said Friday that tests on bullet fragments and casings determined that the same firearm was used in every shooting up to that point.

But the wounding of Arnold has ramped up the police investigation.

"When you shoot at somebody, your intention is to kill them. That's plain and simple," Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte. "His intention is pretty clear to me: He's out there trying to kill people."

No one else was in Arnold's car when he was shot. He said heard a loud explosion that he thought was a tire blowout and then felt a pain in his side. He stopped and saw a bullet hole in the vehicle and blood.

"The bullet is lodged too deeply," said Arnold, who watched the Detroit Tigers play the San Francisco Giants on a hospital room TV. "I'm going to keep the bullet for the rest of my life."

Two occupants of another car were not hurt when they came under fire earlier Saturday, the Livingston County sheriff's department said. Police increased patrols along the roadway on Sunday.

Most of the shootings have happened near Interstate 96. Authorities said one shooting occurred while a man was taking out his trash. In another incident, a woman said her car's rear window was shattered. Ten of the shootings have been in Wixom in Oakland County.

Saturday's shootings were the first since Oct. 18.