Andy and Mike talked with Actor, Kevin Connolly this morning. Kevin played "E" in the HBO Show, "Entourage" and talked about Russell Wilson was involved in an accident on the set of the movie.

Kevin Connolly: "I broke my leg during the "Entourage" movie playing sports."

Andy Furman: "Kev, how'd you break your leg?"

Kevin Connolly: "We were doing a scene where we were playing beach football and we had the genius idea that we should be playing tackle football... And ironically, Russell Wilson was the quarterback. So I did catch the pass, I did hold on to the ball for the touchdown but during the take, somebody came down on my leg."

Mike North: "Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) took your legs out!"

Kevin Connolly: "Yeah... According to his side of the story, he was thinking about the concussion rule so he went a little low..."